Thursday, May 13, 2010

My booty has a face

And it's enigmatic, like the Mona Lisa. Or so says my remarkably illustrative sister.

Well, it's actually not my booty, it's my favorite black jeans (Skinny Jeans from The Avenue). They fit like a dream, give me a cuter shape, and are eyecatching due to the cool cut, side detail, and "face" on the back. But they're wearing out and have been unavailable since the day I bought them last year, drat. And I had to chuck a pair of my favorite office pants because the zipper came off its track. So I needed pants. Bad.

After trying on about 30 pairs at various stores in and around the mall two weeks ago, I decided to check Lane Bryant online. But everything they were offering in the store had waaay too much fabric around the legs. (A slimmer cut looks better on me, but was nowhere to be found.) So I had to search and search... but I found a slim cut pinstriped pant (black and white), a straight leg pant (black), and a slim cut longer pant (also black, and AWESOME! I wore them today.)

I got them on a really great sale, picked them up at Fashion Bug yesterday on the way home from work (Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug are part of the same conglomeroo apparently), and found... another major sale. It's slightly embarrassing, but not enough for me to not mention it. Anyway, here goes. Five-dollar pants! I bought three -- two black, one brown. They're nowhere as nice as the LB pants, but hey, for five dollars I could wash the house in them and not worry. I also got three pairs of really cute jeans. Dark wash, straight leg, flattering on the thigh, looks cute, no muffin top, no funny rivets or flashy designs or glittery pictures on the ass, and are all the same (for when I inevitably kill them). And one more totally cute pair with slash pockets in front and small, cute flap-style pockets on the tush, dark wash also. They are really, really cool.

So remember when Fashion Bug was full of crap? Well, it's only half full of crap now! Some of the fabrics were really nice, and remember the jeans I mentioned before? They have the three different certain-size cuts like in Lane Bryant, too. I was pleased to add a few more pairs into the rotation at such a teeny tiny price.

And guess what! Bras are on sale there too! And they are The Right Size (large, round). And The Right Fabrics (nylon, cotton knit, satin, lace) and The Right Cuts (smooth cup, modified sports style, push-up, demi) and The Right Colors (black, nude, white, pink, red, more black). And The Right Price! ($20ish.) I'm going again tomorrow night (payday). Can you believe that during tonight's letdown I accidentally ripped the right strap off my favorite black Olga? What timing. Now all I need are some new shoes. And maybe a few new tops...?

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