Saturday, May 15, 2010

The jeans are not good

Neither are the pants. So whatever you do, don't buy them. Or if you do buy them, buy them two sizes too small. This way, when they stretch on you, they will be just right.

I wore the black pants yesterday. Despite numerous compliments, by the end of the day the crotch felt like it was around my knees, the belly stretched too, and the thighs were significantly wider than they were that morning. That just won't do for me.

And when I put the slash pocket jeans today, they were cute -- right length, good in the booty section, you know, decent-looking. Six hours later, they are three inches longer and four inches wider in each thigh! According to these pants, I have a saggy baggy butt and a rectangular bottom half. Whuh huh!? My butt may be big, but it sure ain't saggy. And I am rounded, not a rectangle.

Maybe washing and heat drying will save these two, but I'm going to return the other black and brown pairs. And when the other jeans come in, I think I'll send them right back... and order the smaller size.

Good news, though! I bought two bras last night, and they fit like a dream. And one is turquoise! I would have bought more, but the North Andover store had a much smaller intimates section than the Haverhill location (I may go back there tomorrow). I must say, I am definitely loving the bras. So it wasn't a total loss.

Anyway, the suspense is killing me as to whether the pants will shrink back up, and I'm sure it's killing you too. Snort. This story needs an ending, though; I'll let you know what happens, when it does.


The Clever Cat said...

Almost 1:00 AM and still nothing wrong with the bra. So I'm victorious after all. YAY!

Paula Light said...

YAY! I haz a turquoise bra and I lurves it. Weird thing -- I ordered two tops in cobalt blue (one shirt, one sweater) to match some shoes nothing matches, and as an afterthought added in some stone-white pants I figured wouldn't fit. Well, the pants are fab! The tops are hideous and I sent both back. Poor lonely shoes, sitting there week after week...

The Clever Cat said...

Aww. The pants sounds nice, though. I've always wanted to wear white pants. They always look so crisp.