Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do you like corn?

I like corn!

Actually, I love corn. It’s the best summer food, and second only to cherries (my most favoritest favorite). I would be happy with corn on the cob for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And snack!

I had two wonderfully sweet ears of corn last night at my friends’ house where the grill commander cooked us a feast! I also had a cute chicken sausage (low fat and calorie), three spicy grilled chicken wings, and half a lemon pepper chicken breast. (No one here but us chickens! Heh.) There were also turkey burgers which looked great, but it was enough food already. Dinner was so much fun, especially with the spirited conversation and two kinds of hot sauce we doused the onto the ears of corn along with buttery spray – and the only reason I could believe it wasn’t butter was because it made a nasty cloudy pool on the tin foil when it mixed with the green and red hot sauces. By the end of the meal our lips were on fire, but oh baby, it hurt so good.

They watch The Biggest Loser, and as a guest who am I to change up their tv schedule? (Although I did suggest the Dancing with the Stars results show, they didn’t bite.) It was the big makeover day, which was nice. Of course we were all crying about 20 minutes into it. The place had basically turned into Waterworks Central… at least until we saw one candidate fall off her treadmill. We were able to… well, maybe not laugh hysterically at her misfortune, but rather stop sniffling. She looked so extraordinarily miserable. Poor thing! (But it did lighten the mood.)

Rich chocolate Ovaltine with delicious organic milk for dessert. What a nice night!

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