Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Life is too short to spend time learning things that as an adult, bore you to tears and most likely won't have much personal value in the long run. I really believe that!

I am not sure why according to several people who I believe are usually right, I "should" take mind-numbing classes in a field that I find intolerable and that has very little bearing on my actual life when what I want to spend my time learning about is sewing and writing and home improvement. This time, I disagree with them all.

Three courses into a certification program for construction project management, and with three more weeks left in this semester's Scheduling Construction Projects course, I have come to the conclusion that I could give a shit about concrete and rebar and building envelopes and MEP crap. I still find the idea of construction interesting and I won't be able to pass a construction site without stopping and peering at it for a while, but this coursework has been taking up too much of the free time I work so hard for, and I'm unwilling to spend many more hours learning about it from the ground up (literally).

Without a construction background and having never been a tradesperson, I really feel that it's almost pointless to take courses in construction project management. I do love having learned about critical path method, but come on. Once you get CPM, you get it -- and these classes are not part of the critical path of my life plan. Sorry, Northeastern. You'll be seeing a lot less of me. I've given the topic a chance, and with four classes to go to complete the cert, it seems like a dark and dreary, long and weary road to travel just to end up with a certificate that I won't want to use in the workplace. My mom explained that it may be the instructors that could be making the topics so dry (she may have a point there) but if I can't get an AutoCAD class soon (which was the whole point of starting this program, and which I still have not been able to take) I'm going to let it languish for as long as possible without taking another.

There. Decision made! What's next?

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