Monday, October 12, 2009

ISSA 2009

So I shouldn’t have worried. Activeion was easily the best product at the Chicago show. Where else can you find a chemical-free, easy-to-use, backed-by-science, earth-friendly, not-scarily-industrial-looking cleaning tool at a reasonable price? The more I think about it, the more ideas I have, and so in my head, the cost per use has been drastically diminishing. So it really is worth the cost of the bottle. Anyway, here are more tips about how to use it.

First of all, I found out that you don’t only need to use microfiber towels. I had been using it with paper towels when all my micros were dirty, but since I misplaced the Activeion directions I guess I forgot to mention the towel thing in the other reviews. So, just use kitchen towels or bath towels or paper towels if you must. I still use micros when I can because they feel smart and scientific and are very effective, after all.

And speaking of microfiber, use it on your sofa! It works on carpeting and clothes (I’ve tried natural fibers as well as synthetic) and on other material as well, like upholstery (my sofa is microfiber). Butchie got hold of a puffy Cheeto when my back was turned and decided to enjoy it on the sofa, where it left a greasy dark stain. I squirted and patted with a clean ordinary towel and the grease was gone.

Hand-washing. Just squirt and rub, and you’ve effectively killed the germs on your hands. If you want to sanitize, dry off with a clean towel as I mentioned, per instructions. To just clean them you wouldn’t need to dry them off. (Kids’ hands too. Line them up on the way inside, and you can save your house from some extra germs! And they can use the same towel. How cool is that!?)

And hey, if it can hand-wash, if can foot wash, too. I fortunately don’t have athlete’s foot so unfortunately I can’t run this experiment, but why wouldn’t it work? At the very least, you would have extremely clean feet. Regarding other body parts… hey, I’m not about to go there.

Inside garbage cans. Yuck! We all know what a job this can be, but at least with this tool it takes a lot less time.

On the glamorous side, clean your jewelry with it. I have done my diamond jewelry and colored stones, and they look great.

For kids’ plastic toys, especially after a playdate. In my defense, I don’t have kids, so it took a little longer for me to “figure” this one out. But the last time Niecey and Neph came up, they were entranced by the unit… and the glowing LED light only made it more fun. They actually became somewhat grabby, wanting to do both the squirting and the wiping of tables and counters. Cleaning really is fun with this thing! So why not remind them that toys can be cleaned too?

All in all, I had a great time at the trade show. I was thrilled that sooo many people who already owned the unit came by just to say hi and trill about it. I thought that was awesome. It's also worth noting that the team happens to be very cool. And guess what! Activeion was awarded “Best Customer Service” by show attendees. That’s like winning “Miss Congeniality”, but much better. And I am very proud to say I was one of the buzzmakers. I loved it and I had a blast and I wish I could have stayed there longer. Another time, maybe...


Anonymous said...

Does the activeion pro deodorize as well?

The Clever Cat said...

Good question, Anonymous!

It did seem to deodorize where my cat throws up, and it gets the litter box spanking clean and stink-free, and cleared away the leftover garbage-y smells in the garbage when I washed the bin. But does it claim to deodorize? I don't think so -- this is only in my experience.

Thanks for writing!