Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mike & Ike's lemonade flavors

Yum! Candy is great!

The Mike and Ike candy brand has teamed up with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation and will make a minimum donation of $100,000 per year for at least three years to the Foundation to assist in its fight to cure childhood cancer. What a nice gesture… even better is that the candy actually tastes good!

The theater-size boxes hold five lemonade-y flavors: tangerine lemonade, strawberry lemonade, lime lemonade, raspberry lemonade, and ordinary lemonade. And they do taste like the flavors they say they are. Go buy one! You will not be disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, these candies are tasty, not to mention you are supporting a worthwhile cause when you purchase them. I highly suggest going to your local convenience store and picking up a box. It can't hurt, right?