Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dinner party successful

We had a blast!

Dinner was delicious and the company even better. Conversation (although it took a while to get started) ranged from movies to music to how awesome I am. Okay, I made that last bit up, but all in all, a lot of fun was had last night.

Everyone got along with each other, and there were no weird moments, with the exception of the half minute that my date fell asleep while the rest of us were looking at something online! (In his defense, he did have a very long day.) I had thought he was looking with us but he was three feet away. He woke up after a friend glanced over at him. But he was perky the rest of the time, and impressed the group (and me!) with his helping skills.

Regarding the chocolate sauce, it was fine until it stopped coming out of the bottle. I unplugged the pinhole several times, but it just wouldn't come out! Ultimately we just unscrewed the bottle. It was awfully thick. I thought perhaps I had mis-measured the chocolate until my mom explained that I was supposed to warm it up before serving. Oops!

I might have another dinner party this winter with a different menu. I'll let you know!

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