Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour!

Is really fun! I was so excited to see this was coming out that I (along with many other Wii Guitar Hero junkies) pre-ordered and was able to pick it up as soon as it came in this past Sunday.

Well, I have been having a blast! I started with the drum set and played through the game just to open the songs so I could use them in Quick Play (I didn't want to cheat yet). I completed the New York set at 52%. I have since played 78% of the songs, but I don't feel like "buying" more right now.

Sunday I played the drums for about seven hours. Monday I used the drums and guitar. Last night I used the guitar and the microphone. I will use the cheat codes to open songs when I bring the guitars to my friend's house tonight, but I wanted to try playing like a regular person first.

I am having some problems with it, though:

The scoring is incorrect
I have to hit the cymbals extremely hard to get drum Star Power (I got the sensitivity fix, thankfully)
I can't get guitar Star Power by tilting the guitar up (I have to use the button)
To get vocal Star Power I practically have to smack the mic (instead of tapping it as they say)

But the songs are great! So far, my favorites are Crazy Train and Sweet Home Alabama (for both drums and guitar). I just love my customized character and my logo is beautiful. I haven't tried the "jamming" thing or playing online yet, but that's because I, um, have to work...

I've done my reading on the Activision website about troubleshooting problems and will try their fixes and hopefully won't have any more problems. Bitch Wanked Unit rocks!

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