Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fresca, wonderful Fresca

I go on soda kicks – sometimes I can't get enough, sometimes I can't look at the stuff. My top seven sodas are:

Cherry Coke Zero
Coke Zero
Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper
Diet Dr. Pepper
Diet Sprite
Polar Diet Pomegranate Dry

I also like Polar Diet Grape, but nine times of ten I would choose one from the list rather than the grape. Of the listed, my absolute top flavors are Fresca and Diet Dr. Pepper. I could willingly drink five cans of Fresca a day. I figure, one at lunch, one at dinner, one mid-morning, one mid-afternoon, one at night! Fresca never, ever disappoints, and it's just carbonated enough. And no caffeine! Although I do love caffeine, it doesn't always love me.

There's no reason for this post except that I just drank a Fresca and really enjoyed it. Yum! And I wanted to share. Because that's the kind of girl I am!

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