Friday, February 10, 2012

Sound bytes

From my b-day trip to Florida two weeks ago.

From five-year-old Neph:
  • On my visit in general: (Excitedly) “Will Auntie CC bring her cats?” 
  • On playing Dominion after throwing cards out to me like a blackjack dealer: “All right. Can you read?”
  • On his rock collection: “That’s not playing, that’s LOOKING.”
From eight-going-on-twenty-two-year-old Niecey:
  • On the Wii game Cooked or be Cooked: “You have to swirl the oil around the pan, like this.  See?  Watch me!”  (Twists her wrist back and forth like she’s dancing while tripping on acid)
  • On drumming: “That’s the cool thing about a drum set.  You can rock out whenever you want!”
From Niecey and Neph, separately:
  • But you played more with [the other kid] than with me!  (And Readers, to this let me say, FALSE!  I played most with my sister.  *smile*)
From bro-in-law:
  • On choosing a dating site username for me: “How about something biblical-type, like LawOfKindness?”  “Hmm.  How about LawOfCookies?” 
From sister:
  • “Hey, have you ever been to Vegas?”   
  • “I get enough potty talk from my kids.  I don’t need to hear it from my sister…”  

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