Friday, February 10, 2012

Birthday girl

So it was my birthday yesterday. That means I'm older! Wtf! When I actually feel like I'm getting younger. (I regressed yesterday a little and without meaning to, called my parents Mommy and Daddy. And even as if slipped from my lips again and again, I couldn’t stop myself from speaking the last syllable.)

I had a great day topped off by yummy Mexican food at Plaza Azteca on the border of Methuen and Salem, NH. For dessert, chocolate cake with raspberry frosting was surprisingly tasty.

In addition to the ticket to La Casa de Clipboard (financed by my parents and sister… the round-trip ticket was only $146, unheard of!), I received the coolest watch EVER in the art deco style from the Metropolitan Museum of Art store, similar to a leaded multi-paned window I fell in like with that morning. I guess they know me pretty well! I love watches, I love art deco, I love black. Perfect gift!!!

Leftover birthday for breakfast on Saturday morning sounds like a pretty nice way to wake up. Happy Friday!

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