Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thank you for your support

So I finally bit the bullet and got a few new bras that actually fit and (seem to) manage my not inconsiderable side-boob. It's a Goddess bra that I bought at an online sale at JC Penney after trying on my sister's one in a different size.

I guess I should have gotten the next cup size up though (this is a "Dayum Girl in the Name of All That is Holy You Got Some Tig 'Ol Bitties" H) because after a day, even though it's significantly better and offers about 200% more support than what I was wearing, I still have a bit of overflow.

What sparked the sudden need for tit control? Well, it's not so sudden. It has been a long time coming, and at the price of $45 and upward for a bra that one cannot try on at buying time since the freaking size is unavailable in brick and mortar stores is not not only frustrating, it requires careful budgeting.

So one never knows what will fit. At T-giving last year my sister introduced me to a different way of chesticle measurement known as the "scoop and swoop". Using this method we arrived at a bizarre 40N. Twice. So I went ahead and bought what I thought would be the perfect bra online,  but when it arrived it was laughably large in the cups.

So when I visited her a couple weeks ago, I tried hers on and we decided that I should try the H. I think we were wrong again, or maybe the bra simply needs my imprint upon it in order to bend to my will boobs. We shall see! Good luck to me!


Natsthename said...

I HAtE bra shopping, though I am happy that I can mostly find my size in stores. Still, it's hard to get a perfect fit with comfort and I refuse to wear underwires. SO UNCOMFY. Also, do you know of a good sports bra? I hate doing any aerobics with jumping because of the boob situation. I have actually HELD them in place during jumping jacks, garnering a weird look from the teacher. I don't care; she has no boobs. Hah!

The Clever Cat said...

Well, I also bought this one being as the Shefit I ordered didn't fit well and now they are backordered. The cup is comfortably tight and keeps me in place, although I may return for the 42G as the 40 band is crazy tight and they don't have an H.

I have held them in place too during Zumba jumps as once the leader totally made an announcement about my boobs and that maybe I should adjust my workout to allow for less jumping. I also used to hold them in place at home, but that's nbd.

Paula said...

I am (I think) 36B and for like a decade fit perfectly into lightly padded bras at Vicky's in various styles (not pushups, gah!). But they've recently changed all their stuff and my latest bras are all pokey. I like underwires, but these are NOT comfy. I keep pulling at them and readjusting. SO ANNOYING. And they are spendy. Don't want to throw out, so I will deal with 'em until they wear out enough that I can justify new ones. No more Vicky's though, which means the annoyingness of finding a new place, grrrr.