Monday, June 2, 2008

Out of my life...

... and to a good home!

So I found the perfect couple to take some of the old furniture I had laying around. They are young, first apartment, totally adorable... offbeat and cool and funky. And they liked the furniture! I had felt a little sad after seeing my dad break down one of the old bureaus that belonged to his parents (I think he did too), but we did it together and it was ok. The thought of doing that to more pieces kind of hurt. But then a coworker's kid and girlfriend moved in together, and et voilĂ ! They actually liked these items! Having them go to a good home was actually better than selling them to a stranger... even if I didn't end up with cash. But I did end up with space and a happy heart.

They took: 2 small black Formica tables, a pointy corner bookcase made by my grandpa (I remember arguing with my parents about keeping it -- they were right, I ended up getting rid of it), a heavy dark bureau with interesting hardware and front ( I think he made this too. I liked it, but it was not at all my style), a table that flips into a larger one, and a small console table. Big surprise to me that they didn't want either coffee table or chairs, but no prob. My coworker fell in love with the matching 9 x 13" pink and cream rugs and took them. I have been trying and trying to get rid of these things, and this makes me so very happy. Especially since I will be staying at her cabin up north for a week on vacation and she didn't want to take anything for it. Funny thing, too. As they were leaving, I randomly asked if by any chance they needed an easel -- I had bought a stick easel years ago for art presentation, and it's the wrong color for my place and doesn't fit anywhere, but I had become attached to it. My coworker's son stared at me for a minute, then looked at his girlfriend and his mom, and I thought I had said something wrong. Turns out they had asked his mom right before they left if she had one. Of course she said no. And they come over here and I offer them one. Timing really is everything. Everyone wins! And the good karma keeps flowing. Ahh, happiness prevails.

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