Wednesday, June 4, 2008

40 years together

So it was my parents' 40th anniversary today and they held an amazing open house. Me and MB served the hot hors d'œuvres and we were a good team! It was about 35 of my parents' closest friends and I was forced to listen to some pretty boring stories. But I was a good sport and so was MB, although at the end he nearly fell asleep in my mom's favorite chair.

They bought one of those photo cakes which was beautiful and they also made a life-sized standing cardboard cutout of them the day they got married. I guess you can do it yourself with special software. Food was yummy, however there were a few stragglers toward the end, which made it awkward to clean up around them. But we managed. All in all, it was a successful party. Here's to my parents and more years of love!

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