Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Simple Start satisfactions

Two weeks ago I started Weight Watchers (Simple Start), because I really need to lose poundage, and it had finally gotten to that point. This time feels different though, because I actually LIKE the way I look, and finally understand my body and what looks good on it. So I figure, I will still like my face and form having lost some weight also. (If I go from fat-pretty into ugly-skinny I will be pissed, though. Just saying. Ahem.)

But this post isn’t about reasons for losing, it’s about what feels good after having been dieting for two weeks! Nine pounds of lumpy butter (that’s Twinkie, teehee) gone! YAAAY!

So here’s what I love, or what has relieved or pleased me about this diet:
  • Not being dependent on processed sugar (i.e. candy) to feel good. In my heart of hearts I know I will always like candy, but it’s freeing to not constantly be craving sweets. I found myself even reducing my use of Splenda and other fake sweeteners.
  • Bras fitting better. My ten pounds of sugar in a five-pound bag has already been reduced to about six pounds in that bag. Hahaha!
  • No huffing and puffing when rubbing my tootsies for an extended period of time. I love foot rubs, and it’s a lot easier when you can reach them without throwing yourself off balance. 
  • Much-improved sleep. Less walrus-like snoring!
  • GREATLY-improved wakeability! Not late to work once while on the diet! 
I'm sure more satisfactions will show up after time, and when that happens I will post again! See you then!

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