Monday, September 22, 2014

A smaller appetite, a smaller waistline

And smaller boobs! Already. :( (I'm happy about the other smaller things, just not that... not yet.)

But it's not all bad... my bras are fitting better, and now it turns out some of them do nothing at all! They're not exactly free-floating in the cups, but were all stretched out and I didn't notice because of superfluous flesh. Adios, bras! Bf was amazed and dismayed:

"You'll be down to a C in no time!"
"Don't worry babe... I still have to work my way down to a double D."
*sigh of relief*

And Sunday morning, when I pulled on my favorite long-sleeved gray tee and raggedy black jeans, the jeans had room in the crotch and thighs and the t-shirt actually bagged! (When before it skimmed.)

"I'm ready! Let's go!"
"Omg. I've never seen you look so homeless before." (He is used to seeing me in dresses and glammed up. I like to glam up!)
*sigh* "I'll change the top..."

So all in all, my body is changing, and my skin is improving, and it's all pretty good. (Did you know, skin regenerates every 35 days?) Bf can hold me closer, I can snuggle right in there, and I don't have to eat and prepare as much food. On the other hand, my eye makeup consumption seems to have increased. Lol! Hey, I gotta be heavy-handed somewhere, right...? ;)

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