Friday, May 4, 2012


Oh, Beastie Boys. One of your blossoms has fallen!

Adam Yauch, you will not be forgotten. You were a pioneer! My respects to you, your family, and your music.

But to leave you Constant Readers with a smile, I will tell you a short story. As a teenager in the late 1980’s, I spent one summer at Camp Kinder Ring, a friendlier camp by far than Camp Ramah. (My family later found out Kinder Ring was a Socialist camp. I don’t know why we didn’t figure that out. The ring and all. Maybe that was why I had a better time. And by better, I mean only semi-horrible.)

Anyway, the camp had lots of shows and events that they set up for us. We saw semi-famous wrestlers and went to concerts and also did all that camp stuff on site like have talent contests.

So one of the “acts” was a trio of young boys lip syncing to Fight For Your Right to Party. They were little kids, maybe 10-ish. And here we are, the entire camp, watching and hooting and all singing the song in our heads because we are all cool Jewish kids and we know how to rock out, right? And we know what’s coming.

So they’re bouncing around and looking “tough”, doing a decent lip syncing job, and they merrily get to the verse about mom throwing away his porn.

But no one had ever bothered to tell the kid, and he didn't know about porn, so...

his "Mom threw away his HORNO mag!"

Horno mag. Priceless.


Alexis Clipboard said...

Ah, yes. That was the summer I learned all the words to "Paul Revere." To this day, I can recite the whole thing on command. (I can't remember Shakespeare, but I can remember that!)

The Clever Cat said...

Just me, my horsie, and a quart of beer! I can still do Run DMC's Raising Hell from memory. Ah, winding and rewinding those tapes was something, huh? ;^D

That was an interesting summer. That was when I fell through the bleachers and got a bruise over my entire right thigh. Also when I walked up to a garbage can and threw up directly into it. Good times. HA!