Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thanks, but no thanks

I had planned on posting this the night it happened (the Friday before Valentine’s Day), or on Valentine’s Day itself, but never got around to it. But it’s been bothering me, so here goes.

Remember those guys who kept emailing from two different dating sites and four different meetup groups? The twins? Well, one of them wrote me again. What is WITH them? It’s not like I had changed my picture from meetup to meetup. Or my name, duh. I complained to my mom and she said again, that I fit a profile and “can I really blame them? They see a beautiful woman and want to get to know her.”

Ok. I can’t blame them for wanting to get to know someone attractive. *smile* But, yeah, I can blame them for not paying attention to the people they email. If they are emailing so many women that they don’t even remember faces, that grosses me out. I can also blame them for not being alert enough to even write a two-line “hi there” email without a number of grammatical and spelling mistakes. And uncomfortable enough as it was for me to return email the first time with a “no thank you”, it was even worse to do it a second time. (I didn’t want to, but my mom said it would be bad form to not acknowledge his writing me.)

It’s not that I’m fundamentally opposed to twins in general, or the idea of two people born from the same person at approximately the same time, or even the idea of dating ONE of a set of twins. I actually think twins are fascinating and even kind of cool. But icky, careless, argumentative twins? *shudder* That gives me the willies.

Ok. Done. Thanks for listening!


Don said...

Your mom may differ, but in my opinion it is not bad form to not reply to someone who writes you unsolicited. I suspect it is not uncommon among these internet dating wannabes for the words you used to be forgotten while the fact you wrote back is not.

The Clever Cat said...

Thanks, Don. I think I have had enough of these internet dating wannabes! Sure hope I never run into him in person...