Friday, October 8, 2010

It gets ickier

So, remember those guys who were contacting me separately, the brothers? Well, it turns out they're twins. Twins! ew! Ew!! EW!!!

When I told my mom, she said, "Well, honey, you fit a profile. And, you're appealing." And I suppose I am, for the most part. *smile*

But it had been bothering me so much that I googled the name and the word "twins"... and yup. There it was. And of course my paranoia kicked in double-time of what it had been before. I mean, brothers are bad enough, but socially inept twin brothers? I got to thinking that they would be comparing notes on how far they had gotten with me, or switching off just for fun. Maybe they wouldn't, but I'm not taking the chance.

Thank you, God, for giving me instincts and helping me follow them...


Don said...

I wonder if I could use different pictures taken at different times in different lighting and pose as triplets?

The Clever Cat said...

There is a third brother, 4 years older than me instead of 6, with his head on straight. He just married this past June. Good luck to him.

The Clever Cat said...

Don, ha! It could work, but then no one would want to go out with you! So I doubt it would be worth the the trouble. ;-)

Paula Light said...

Yay instincts! See?

Twins, sounds like a novel (horror, in this case, not romance).

Donx3, whole different story. :)