Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blog Cabin Adventure is over

I had a freakin' blast! So here are the pros and cons, in no particular order.

  • Forgot my towel, so I improvised and used my wrap instead (really, my fault)
  • Forgot my B.O.derant (my fault again. Hel-lo, Activeion!)
  • Smoky-smelling clothes
  • Blowing my nose and having soot-colored snot
  • Very little indoor light (60s watts for a cabin does not go so very far)
  • Occasional mysterious septic smells (popcorn poop, anyone?)
  • Port-a-Potties at the Garlic Festival (not BC's fault)
  • Forgetting the flashlight and having to use a spiral staircase in the middle of the night because I forgot to pee before bed. I think it took me ten minutes to feel my way to the bathroom. Haha!
  • The beauty and serenity of a babbling brook, complete with rustling trees and glimmery rocks
  • Big campfire
  • Tending the campfire
  • Toasting marshmallows over the campfire
  • Enjoying ice cream and making each other laugh over said campfire
  • Licky doggies (many thanks to Grace and Buddy)
  • Special homemade oatmeal breakfast and special homemade pizza dinner
  • Friends
  • Cell phone usage (through Sprint, the only provider to work in the area)
  • Good sleeping (just not enough of it!)
  • Cider doughnut at the Garlic Festival
  • Not being forced to eat garlic at the Garlic Festival
  • Learning about sill plates from Their Wayne
  • Meeting a friendly bull, horse, and donkey... and their owner, Farmer Steve
  • Maple cotton candy (I don't know why, but I just can't resist cotton candy at a fair or festival)
  • Appreciating the bones of a building
  • So many other things. It was all so much fun!
Funniest parts:
  • Hundreds of hippies and hippie children at the Garlic Festival
  • J chowing down on garlic, bacon, and chocolate chip cookies at the festival (um, no thanks, I just ate)
  • P riding in the trunk so we could park as a car pool at the festival and not have to ride the shuttle bus there
  • 18 frogs jumping out of the mud at J and P as they dug around the cabin
  • Having to return to the cabin to throw away the rest of my ice cream pint
Scariest part:
  • UFO on Friday night! Then I thought I heard a bear. But do bears grunt? We all spooked each other and went running into the cabin. Later, they shared that it might have been the visiting moose. But in the pitch dark, is that any better?
Worst parts:
  • Finding out that some leakage had occurred during the rainstorm of the day before. But it's fine, no damage was sustained.
  • Digging. The wall of the final footing kept caving in. FOUR times.
  • J tried to shovel P's fingers. That'll leave a mark!
First impressions:
  • The Blog Cabin is much smaller than it appears on the blog.
  • Plywood in quantity is actually very pretty.
  • Construction sites do not scare me.
  • For a work-in-progress and construction site, it was actually quite clean. And safe.
Fun facts:
  • The toilet used to be located in the kitchen.
  • J and P have burned all the original wood from the cabin at their campfires.
  • Solace the Cat prefers the BC to his regular city home.
All of this and much more, in less than 23 hours... and that includes travel time! Hey J and P, when can I go back???


Blog Cabin Adventure... said...

Clever Cat - You are welcome back ANYTIME! We loved, loved, loved having you! P.S. you tend a MEAN fire! ;)~

The Clever Cat said...

I'm going to hold you to that, chickadees! Lotsa love, CC

Alexis Clipboard said...

You did NOT spray the Activeion in your pits...did you?!?!?

The Clever Cat said...

Well, not directly into my armpits. That would have been too cold. :-) I sprayed into my hand scrubbed around several times. I did use it directly on my face, though.

And would you guess what! I thought I had brought deoderant, and I was right. I just couldn't find it in the dark!!! Hahaha