Monday, September 27, 2010

They are with us

Sometimes, I swear I see Max at my parents' house.

Max, also known as Maxie Paxie, Maxie Paxie Pudding and Pie, El Baroncito Maximiliano (when he was small), El Baronissimo Maximiliano (when he got fat for a while), Max the Manx, and of course The Cat, was the premier pussycat of my family. He was the smartest, fastest, most charming, funniest, boldest cat of them all. Oh, one more thing... he's dead.

But he comes around, visiting. Yes, really.

He's not there all the time, but when he does pop 'round, I usually see him in the kitchen or around the stairs. And Thursday I saw him in the dining room peeking out from around the wall! He was interested in the sukkah on the deck. Before I realized what I was doing, I had closed the door and said, "No, no, hon. You can't come outside." But of course he could have come outside. Anyway, he looked at me with those gorgeous eyes, blinked, and was gone.

My dad was upstairs during all this, and when I told him I saw Max, he was dubious. Very dubious. I explained, and he kissed me on my forehead and told me he loved me very much. Harrumph.

Next time I'll invite him Maxie onto the deck... if he's careful not to fall off, that is...


Paula Light said...

Sweet. He's still in your heart, of course. Same with Cocoa here. :)

The Clever Cat said...

Those sweet faces certainly are unforgettable.

Aileen said...

Mambo died in July.

Sometimes the Mad Kitty will wait politely, chin on her paws, watching the food bowl after I've set it on the floor. Then she'll stand up and start eating. This happened a few times before I realized that she was waiting her turn for Mambo to finish eating.

The Clever Cat said...

Watching a cat look for its missing playmates just breaks my heart. At least MK and Mambo are in touch.

The Clever Cat said...

Oh btw, Max died waaay back in 1997.