Monday, September 13, 2010

Approaching sell-by date?

Poor Butchie. 

And poor me!  Butch has been using my lovely new mattress and thick, fancy memory foam topper as a pissoir!  How many times he did it I'll never know, but woo-wee!  P. U.!!!  I used almost three full bottles of Febreze trying to make them new-smelling again.  Thankfully, I'm almost there.  But I kept the doors to other rooms closed yesterday and didn't allow them in at night in case they were planning on peeing again… on me! 

It was sooo hard to sleep without them, and my heart almost broke when I went to bed with Butchie and his handsome, fluffy self dolefully watching me out of his undamaged eye (the kittyract is back, and it's bigger than ever.  Btw, the vet who checked out his leg in Maine was very impressed with his thick coat and very good teeth for an old guy; no broken bones, arthritis, or cancer either.  And they were also fascinated with his star-shaped cataract.  I guess you never know what will interest a vet.)  And I felt worse when I got up this morning to find him in the exact same spot.

Anyway, although my babies are now 12, they are so sprightly and lively that it's hard for me to think they could be very close to the end.  I have been preparing myself for this since they were kittens, but I hate to see an uncomfortable animal.  Hopefully it is just an infection, not renal failure.  So I'm taking him to the vet this afternoon to find out.  I'll keep you posted. 


Paula Light said...

Hoping it's not anything serious! I know I had such a sad when I had to banish Tiki when she kept pooping on my bed. Her poops were very small and neat, but still ... they were poops. :(

The Clever Cat said...

:-( Poor Tiks.

The mattress its almost back to normal, but I do not think I will be able to get urine out of foam. Dang...

Blood work and pee testing earlier, so hopefully it was a fluke. But I'm not letting him do it again!!!

Thanks, chickadee. CC

Aileen said...

Ohh, poor kitty. Good luck at the vet, and fingers crossed that it's not the kidney thing. Though Mambo lived with it for several years until he died in July (at 19+ yrs!)

Hope it's just a UTI that can be easily treated.

IMO "Nature's Miracle" is the best for removing the pee-stink. When I used it, it seemed to remove all traces so he wasn't tempted to come back and re-mark the spot. It's a bit spendy, but totally worth it.

Good luck.