Friday, August 20, 2010

Vacation plans

Tonight starts eight days and nine nights of sweet, sweet vacation, and boy! do I need it. I can barely track what people are saying anymore -- I hear the words, but I can't put them into context. Plus, yesterday I took the wrong route to a place I go almost every day... and even on the way back. And this was after I said out loud, with somone in the car, that I would take a better route. Whoops.

Anyway, here are my (open) plans for wonderful Searsport this coming week:

  • Saturday: Arrive. Breathe Maine air in, deeply. Make pitcher of sangria. Lobster for dinner with Vitamin N, the giant, and Ye Olde College Friende, plus drinks. Reading and relaxing, computer games (Civ 4 Complete, which I bought this year for $10 as an online download; and Spore (which I picked up TWO years ago for $20 and never opened), or maybe some new board games (guess I should remember to pack those). Working on my fake farm. SLEEP!
  • Sunday: Fake farm. A dip in the Penobscot if the weather is right. Sunshine and a book or laptop. Laugh a lot. More drinks. Fried native shrimp with fried dill pickles for lunch or dinner. Buy cookies at Bell the Cat.
  • Monday: Fake farm. Get a pedicure. Read a book. More swimming and lounging about in the sun. Maybe take some pictures around town. A sundae for dinner.
  • Tuesday: Fruit picking, unless there are only blueberries available, which I don't care for much. (Although they are good in pancakes.) Fall asleep in a deck chair. More fake farming. (I don't know why I like the fake farm so much. It's really quite stupid.) More lobster at some point (supermarket-bought, I think. I'm not about to go broke eating it.) Drinks.
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: Continue along the same vein as the rest of the week. Maybe some shopping, "lite" activities, crafting, writing, reading, lounging, dunking, strolling, perhaps a movie at the adorable theater in Belfast. I may or may not blog. I just haven't decided...

What a busy schedule! I don't know if I'll be able to keep up! Heh.

Aaaand by the way, I'm bringing Butch and Twinkie this time! What a change. I don't think I'd be happy without them for either days, and since they can come along, why not? I'll try it...

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