Thursday, June 17, 2010


So I'm still in love with my phone. So what?

I've discovered Swype, an awesome (Android) app that allows typing to take place amazingly fast, even on this small keyboard. And no matter how fast speaking into your phone is, and how sophisticated the word recognition is (and it is damn good, even with my terrible diction), the accuracy could still be better.

Enter Swype. This fabulously well-thought-out app is pretty, functional, and oh-so-convenient. The customizations are a dream. This smooth operator should come standard on Android phones! (It's really, really cool.)

Halfway through this post I switched back to ordinary texting, just to see how it would feel. Even the talk-to-text feature seems like molasses compared to Swype. I guess I've already become spoiled!

Anyway, grab it now. It's in beta and free for a few days. Have fun!

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