Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CC's list of therapies

Liquid therapy 1, 6:45 AM.  Check!  Light therapy, 8 AM. Check! Chocolate therapy, 2:30 PM.  Check!  Dance therapy, 5:30 PM.  Check!  Creative writing therapy, 6:15 PM. Check! Game therapy, 6:30 - 7:30 PM.  About to be done.  Liquid therapy 2, 9 PM?  I patiently await you, liquid therapy 2...

I also worked a full day, will bake cookies, and do a laundry.  This year will be full of fun things and I will take good care of myself.  Anyone who treats me poorly will get dumped.  Fair warning!

Liquid therapy 1 = Hot shower
Light therapy = My new Lightphoria LED light to reset my Circadian rhythm
Chocolate therapy = Candy
Dance therapy = Dance Dance Revolution
Creative writing therapy = Blogging
Games therapy = Games!  Any kind will do.
Liquid therapy 2 = Wine or something mixed

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