Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Orange cats and yellow stains

Can someone  please tell me what I did wrong?

As I lay down to sleep last night (early for me, no later than 11:00!) I smelled something funky.  One sniff later, I realized it was good ol' cat piss.  On my lovely lavender sheets with irises on them. ew! Ew! EW!

There's no telling whether Butch or Twinkie was the culprit, and I really don't care who did it.  I just want to know... why?  They had a clean  litter box,  fresh water and food, toys, snuggly sleeping locations, and lots of love.  They are such little brats sometimes!  And the nerve of them, smiling at me when I came home last night.

They only thing I can think off its that it was so hot yesterday that they were letting off steam (so to speak) using the only method they knew.  Anyway, I boosted the air when I came home to keep them cooler. I certainly hope they aren't ill..

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