Thursday, December 31, 2009

CC’s year in review

I accomplished a lot this year. I bought a home, wrote a book, was treated to a trip to another state because of my writing skills and enthusiasm, and was paid with actual dollars for freelance writing. I took another course, learned to salsa dance, and read innumerable books and played innumerable games of Scrabble.

I learned a lot of stuff, too. I especially learned that you cannot change people, you can only change your responses to people.

Of course there were things that I started that I was unable to finish or continue with, like starting up a second blog, DoYouLikeFoodLikeWeLikeFood – with friends… after one measly post it seems to have fallen by the wayside, which is a shame because they have some interesting things to say about food.

Also, despite a decent number of dates, I didn’t find love, but that’s the way things go sometimes, I guess. But I'm open and ready for when it does happen.

Goals for this year: lose weight (lose weight, always lose weight!); date, and write. It seems doable… right?

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