Thursday, May 29, 2008

Guitar Heroine!

Or should I say, guitar heroin? A college friend spent Memorial Day weekend with me and I convinced her to bring her Wii. I should mention that a few friends of My Boyfriend (MB in the future) have Guitar Hero for Wii or Rock Band for PS2 and I play it whenever I can and I have a great time doing so. Easy level guitar in the past, but I'm just about past medium and working my way to hard. Easy level drums... I haven't played those in months and I wonder what they're like on medium level... aaaanyway, I played Guitar Hero for hours on end while she sat, reading. I enjoyed it so much she mentioned to MB that he should buy me one when holiday time rolls around. I would in fact prefer a proposal, but that's just me.

When she left, I wanted to play so badly that I actually thought about buying the Wii, plus the Wii Fit (since a coworker said they are sooo much fun) and Guitar Hero, and by the way they are coming out with Rock Band for the Wii, and this add-on and that special item and blah blah blah and this and that. I spent close to $600 dream-shopping. I certainly don't have that kind of money! But I really really wanted a guitar fix. MB said, "What about the PC game" since he is very rational. I looked, and $60 for the game seemed reasonable until I researched more and found that PC game requires a ridiculous amount of memory and RAM and a fancy video card and a thousand other things. And there is still lag, which would suck for a rhythm game. So I looked again, and found... Frets on Fire! A free clone of Guitar Hero. And I checked Craigslist and bought a cheap, used PS2 guitar for $25 since I was not about to use the keyboard as a guitar. I drove just one town over and when I got there, the kid I bought it from was all of like, eleven years old. I downloaded the driver from Microsoft and I was off! I've played at least 15 songs nightly for the past 4 and I'm having a blast, but the guitar has been, umm... well-loved. It squeaks and clicks, and in fact is also way too short. (It's the one from the first Guitar Hero game I think, the red one.) The 17" neck is causing me wrist pain... and I don't exactly have monkey arms. My friend's Les Paul was so very comfortable. Solution: new guitar! I'm working on it...

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